Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In spite of the title, I'm sure you weren't expecting me to bare my soul and think deep thoughts in this post. And if you were, you'll be relieved to find out I'm not.

This is all about glass. Namely, the giant-ass piece of glass I found several weeks ago. At the curb. At about the same time I found the mystery sign plywood letters. I had a run of good junking. Ahhhhh, the thrill!

It sat out on my front porch for a couple of weeks before I brought it in. There is no way in hell I can pick this thing up by myself. Although picking it up by two is very doable. It's actually an insulated window pane. So it is two layers of heavy glass. Amazing.

I would love to convert it to my dining table. My first plan was to take the top off of my current table and sit the glass on the base. I thought that would look pretty cool, as the old wooden base is kind of interesting in itself. However, when I went to remove the top, I quickly realized that there was some glue involved in the manufacturing process. So now I must decide whether or not to chance destroying a table in order to see my plan through. There would probably be a jig saw involved.

Of course there are options. Ikea has a good selection of trestles, but I would be limited to desk use if I go that route, as my Winsor chairs won't work with most. Then, if I had a giant-ass piece of glass desk, I would have to find a new home for the enormous dining table, my current desk.

Why is everything so complicated?

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