Friday, November 26, 2010

Random Thoughts on Books and Related Subjects

Whew, what a wordy title for me!

What could have possibly sparked this tangent? For one thing, I ordered a couple of books from Crafter's Choice Book Club just a short while ago. They sent me an email offer of BYGO with free shipping. Logging on to the website I spotted the banner telling me that the weekend special was two books for $22, or three for $33, etc., also with free shipping. The Club is rather limited in selection, although I always manage to sustain a wish list from their available titles.

So I spent a bit of time perusing the selection and made a few choices. At first it seemed I was going to get the two for $22, but in the end I ended up getting the BYGO deal, causing me to reconsider the contents of my cart. The two books I settled on set me back $20.75. I keep telling myself that there are worse afflictions than a book addiction. I'm not sure how the Club manages to survive by selling two books for $10 with free shipping, but I'm hooked.

What did I order, you ask?

I can't wait to pour over the contents of both books. I follow Lisa Lam's excellent blog, U-handbag. She is author of The Bag Making Bible. This book is getting rave reviews, and I suspect that I'll be singing with the choir when I get my copy. As for Easy Concrete, who doesn't want to play with concrete? Given my love of sewing bags and my love of dirty projects, I don't expect to be disappointed with either book.

Crafter's Choice has a fair selection of decorating books as well, but  my most recent book acquisitions have been decorating related so I figured a couple of craft books would balance things out.

Which brings us to this picture that I spotted at Roseland Greene (via The Selby).

What, you ask, does this have to do with books? Because this picture could have been plucked from a vintage decorating book, and while I have several retro deco tomes, the one freshest in my collection is The House Book by Terence Conran. The House Book could be the decorating book for the ages. Iconic. I vividly remember the cover of this book from my teenage years. However, it took a mention by John Meyers to jog my memory. And being a devoted follower of Wary Meyers, how could I not invest in my own copy of The House Book? John Meyers insists that the first edition is the one to own. Could I argue? I have pictures of pictures so you will be defenseless too.

It seems I've hit a snag and isn't going to let me upload any more pictures. I hope I've piqued your interest. This is another $10 (incl. shipping) book I bought from an Amazon Marketplace Seller, the_book_escape.

John Meyers blogged a few weeks later about another book, High Tech, that I felt compelled to investigate. A fabulous book, but I'll have to save High Tech for another time.

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