Monday, July 27, 2009

Eye Candy

I found the Rocketeer at the Salvation Army this past weekend. As it was in a nondescript closed cabinet, I almost missed it. Something told me to turn around and take a final survey of the store as I stood at the door ready to make my exit. As soon as I lifted the top of the cabinet, I knew what I had stumbled upon. It was clearly a yard sale reject. The owner conceded by unloading the large unwanted item at the thrift store. The machine is in very good condition and came with all of its original accessories and owner's manual. All for $30. So if you're looking for a cool vintage machine for cheap, don't give up. They're out there.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Building the Fabric Stash

I found these toiles at Walmart. The circus toile is by Schumacher and feels divine to the touch. The yellow and red toile is Central Park by P. Kaufmann. I bought two yards of the Schumacher and one yard of the Kaufmann. Both fabrics are 54" wide. I'm tempted to go back and buy the rest of the circus toile. I have absolutely no idea what I'll use it for, but it's so beautiful and at $5.54 a yard it's a steal.

Speaking of toile, I found this awesome artist/dollmaker, Mimi Kirchner, who uses toile on her doll's bodies to represent tatoos. Here's a story and pictures of Mimi's tatooed dolls found on Mr. Peacock's blog.

Adding to the pattern stash as well, I recently acquired this purse pattern by J. Stern Designs. With its clean lines, it should lend itself to all kinds of creative embellishment.

I've also downloaded and printed this wonderful free purse pattern from oh, fransson. Check out her fantastic tutorials too.

As you can see, I've been spending a lot of time surfing the net and no time creating. Sometimes my creative urges can be completely satisfied in the beauty and inspiration of other peoples work.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poor Baby

Buster got stung by a wasp today. We had just walked outside into the yard when I noticed that he quickly pulled back on his right rear leg, and I then saw the wasp fly away. Immediately, I took him inside and gave him some Benedryl. The sedative effect is obvious. He's found a small sunspot and is chilling.