Monday, July 27, 2009

Eye Candy

I found the Rocketeer at the Salvation Army this past weekend. As it was in a nondescript closed cabinet, I almost missed it. Something told me to turn around and take a final survey of the store as I stood at the door ready to make my exit. As soon as I lifted the top of the cabinet, I knew what I had stumbled upon. It was clearly a yard sale reject. The owner conceded by unloading the large unwanted item at the thrift store. The machine is in very good condition and came with all of its original accessories and owner's manual. All for $30. So if you're looking for a cool vintage machine for cheap, don't give up. They're out there.


  1. Noel - You will LOVE sewing on a 500. I have my Godmother's and I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING. It's so smooooooth. From looking at the picture of the attachment box I can't tell if you have a zipper foot and what is titled "special purpose" foot in the manual. If you don't, I have a couple of great sources for slant shank feet. Just send me an email at if you want the links. Enjoy your machine! Carolyn

  2. Carolyn, thanks! I think you're right about loving this machine. I do have a zipper foot. In fact, I believe I have all the attachments that came with the machine when new. I'll have to study my manual to see what I actuall do or do not have.