Monday, November 8, 2010

Lamp Love Story

Another beauty of a Goodwill specimen. I found the lamp askew on its pedestal, but not broken. Fixing it required little more that a few turns of a wrench and some eyeballing for levelness. It's ceramic with crazing in the gold/bronze glaze. Perhaps someone thought it a lost cause. Their loss, my gain.

The shade that was on the lamp was not salvageable, but I knew that I had a shade at home that would fit. If I'm out and about shopping and I spot a simple white lampshade on clearance or cheap, I grab it. The general rule is a lampshade's bottom width should be the same measurement as the height of the lamp itself measuring to just under the light socket. Even though the measurements were close enough, in swapping out the shades I noticed the new shade sat too low and obscured the top of the lamp. The harp needed to be just a bit longer. I decided that I could cannibalize a harp from one of the lamps that I have in storage. I also grabbed a couple of finials. The lamp came home with a plane jane brass nub of a finial.

Can you spot the difference between the two pictures below?

I went with the simple ball on top, which I think is better suited to the casual and eclectic decor of the room.

I'm in love with a lamp.

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