Monday, March 14, 2011

Sewing Bench

I've had this bench and the matching sewing machine cabinet for quite some time. The spindly legs of the set give it a lot of character. I purchased a Singer 301 sewing machine, found on craigslist, and the cabinet and bench were included. I don't have room for the cabinet, but decided there had to be somewhere that I could use the bench. So here it is after spending way too much time in the process of being sanded. Painting is going to be no less time consuming. I could tell already at the early stage in which these pictures were taken. It will take three coats to cover it. The paint is Rustoleum's Safety Yellow oil paint, leftover from this project. As oil paint is being used, each coat will have to be spaced out to allow for drying time. It may be optimistic of me to promise after pictures within the next week, but I'm setting goals.

The top of the bench will get reupholstered in a durable commercial grade upholstery fabric that I found at Walmart. The fabric is in medium gray with a woven honeycomb texture. I am super excited about how cute it's going to be when I get done.

In other news, my sewing time took a hit when I embarked upon the above mentioned project. I did, however, find time to hit up Hobby Lobby on Saturday and take advantage of their Simplicity Pattern sale. Then yesterday I took advantage of the fine weather and scrubbed my front porch and porch furniture. Doing so made me feel a little less guilty about spending hours sanding a silly little stool.

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