Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trust Me

So this winter is turning out to be a harsh one. December turned out to be unseasonably cold, and January has been worse with the addition of snow and ice. My body is in hibernation mode. Lately, all I want to do is sleep. It's just about too cold for anything else. I am so ready for Spring.

On a positive note, my craving for low levels of activity and sleep has been conducive to reading. I've been trying to make my way through a few of the design books that I ordered during the frenzy of sales at Crafter's Choice Book Club last month. On my bedside table at the moment are:

I am very happy with all three of these books, especially in light of the fact that each one set me back $11 plus tax (free shipping). I'm beginning to feel like a broken record when I repeat my amazement at the Club deals. I really can't report any negative issues in my dealing with this club. You are expected to keep your end of the deal and purchase two books within the first year of your membership. And as far as I can tell, that's it. They will charge your account at the end of the one year time period if you haven't fulfilled your end of the agreement. They did this to me, but I called them and they were more that happy to let me select a couple of books. I had one other glitch where they sent me an email offering their 2-for-$22 with free shipping promotion. I place an order but it kept getting cancelled because I hadn't fulfilled my two book obligation. I had to call customer service to get that one straightened out. I would have to blame Crafter's Choice for that snafu, as they shouldn't have sent me an offer that I wasn't eligible to partake in. But outside of a couple of minor bumps, I have no complaints. Their shipping is quite efficient as well. Ok, end of unpaid endorsement.

Back to the books. I almost always research my book purchases and it really pays off. All three of these books were positively reviewed on Amazon and throughout the blog-sphere. Crafter's Choice has sneak previews of most of their selections, and I find the previews to be helpful too.

I have been randomly picking up one of the books and reading, so I'm not finished with any of them. The text in all three is as interesting as the photographs, so I end up getting sucked into each book. I'm so pleased to have a volume with more than pretty pictures, although I'm not knocking the gorgeous photography included in the books. They are, after all, design books. And they are design books that represent very different styles, which appeals to my schizophrenic tastes. So, all of this to say, or write, that I heartily give all three books a thumbs up. If I ever find my motivation again, I may try to go into more detail, but until then you have the lazy man's version of a book(s) review (also known as the "you'll have to trust me" review).

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