Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fabric Shopping at Walmart

I ran into Walmart yesterday to see if anything new was on the racks in their fabric department. Things have been kind of bare lately and I was afraid that might be a sign of end times for the fabrics at my local store. Last time I asked a salesperson about the department closing she told me it wouldn't happen until 2011, but  she seemed to be unsure of details. So the obvious addition of new fabrics in the department is keeping me optimistic.

One can't help but be fascinated by the selection of fabrics at Walmart. My Walmart carries a lot of quilting cottons and fleece, and then there are the odd lots of discount fabric. This is where things get interesting. These discount fabrics range from god-awful to gorgeous. You really have to dig for the gorgeous, but many times the digging pays off. As evidence: exhibit A, my latest haul.

Here's the breakdown:

3 yards 60" wide hot pink stretch fleece, $2 per yard

2 yards 60" wide lavender pin-wail corduroy, $3.47 per  yard

2 yards 60" wide lavender broadcloth,  $2.00 per yard

3 yards 45" wide brown canvas, $1.50 per yard

2 yards 60" wide greige checked bottom-weight cotton, $2.00 per yard

3 yards 45" wide pale gray fine broadcloth, $1.50 per yard

The wovens coordinate beautifully with each other as well as some existing yardage from my stash. Here they are with a floral and some synthetic suede.

I passed on a beautiful lavender suede-backed shearling fleece because it was priced at $13 a yard. I might have to get it next time if it's still there.

If you're lucky enough to have a Walmart that still sells fabric, take some time to dig through the piles. I had to spend a bit of time in a squatting position to uncover several of these gems, but it was so worth it. Besides, I need the exercise!

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