Friday, January 7, 2011

The Big Reveal

Remember this project? The constructed piece has been sitting in my bedroom waiting to be properly finished, but I never got around to it. Notice a trend ?. I thought it would be nice to have a table that I could use while lounging in bed. The table started as an experiment and turned out to be very functional, although it impedes the traffic around my bed. Buster hates it because the bed is his domain, so it stays pushed against the wall most of the time. I've gotten used to throwing my clothes on it before climbing in bed. The jury is still out, but it's leaning for a conviction. At any rate, I figured I'd post some pictures just in case I decide to put the table in storage. I apologize for the poor pictures and the state of my wall. It was dusk when I took the pictures so I had to rely on my bedside lamp for light. As for the wall, no excuses.

The mirror is leaning against left-over plywood, which is also leaning. I kind of like the way they look together. Serendipity. Remember my jubilation at unloading some items on craigslist? Well, one of those items was a huge framed mirror. That move left me without a full length mirror. Sorta. Truth be told, I have several full length mirrors of the unframed variety in storage. Necessity...invention.

I've switched my bedside table yet again. The Kent Coffey table is a Goodwill find. It is staying but needs to be refinished. I'm waiting patiently for a break in the weather to tackle that project. The slatted bench that was my bedside table is now in my living room, where it is serving as a bookshelf-slash-end table.

And that concludes this episode...

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