Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Project

Last week brought me some good luck in the thrift department. Not only did I find the sofa, but I also scored a fun mirror. I live within close distance to several thrift stores, and, on average, make a thrift round every other week or so. Sometimes I get lucky. Most of the time I leave empty handed. The mirror was spotted several weeks ago at Goodwill. Thankfully it was snubbed during the last 50% off sale, for which I missed. I vowed it would be mine next time. As it happens, I was rounding late last week when, as I was nearing the exit at Goodwill (empty handed), I thought I overheard the cashier telling a customer that there would be a 50% off sale over the weekend. Taking a chance that I heard the clerk correctly, I returned the next day (Friday) and was welcomed at the store's entrance by a sign verifying the half-off sale. The mirror was $12.50 plus tax when all was said and done.

What you see in the picture is a WIP. I managed to not take before pictures once again. I really need to quit doing that. Anyway, the mirror has been separated from its frame so that I can paint it. The paint is Rust-o-leum oil enamel in Aluminum. The mirror is going in my bedroom, probably next to the huge Ikea wardrobe. As I'm writing this, the first coat is curing. I'm hoping for a swift completion. After pictures to follow. Soon!

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