Monday, May 3, 2010

Living Room Part 2

More pictures. I realize some of them are nearly identical to yesterday's post, but I'm not in the mood for editing. My living room is by no means finished. The red futon cover is old and rarely used, but it's time to replenish my supply of covers, preferably with ones in a natural color. I would love to have a slipcovered sofa, but it's not in the budget at this time. At least the futon frame is a very good one. I've had it for years.

The picture over the entryway table needs to be replaced. Originally I bought the picture on clearance from Tuesday Morning so I could cannibalize the frame for another poster. That was several years ago. I really need to make it my next project.

There are lots of things that could be improved upon, but time and budget are always limiting factors. I'm just trying to make it an inviting and comfortable space, and I believe it's getting there.

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