Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Between

This project is neither a before, nor after. It's an in between. You may remember this post. Yesterday I spent a few hours up close and personal with an orbital hand sander and the chair. Chuck has kindly left his sander over here so that I may use it at my convenience. What a blessing. Anyone that dabbles in furniture refinishing needs an electric sander. So far I've used it on this table and, of course, the chair.

I'm debating in which direction to go now that the chair is just about ready for a finish. Safe would be a shade of white. Probably a Rust-o-leum oil. I think they have a satin white enamel. Or I could use the Safety Yellow Rust-o-leum gloss enamel that I already have. Or maybe I need to investigate my other options. Blue perhaps?  I know I don't want to stain it. Opinions?


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