Saturday, December 19, 2009


Please forgive me for the crappy pictures. It's dark and dreary here, so I'm making due with a minuscule amount of available light.

The lamps arrived in a timely manner. Shortly after I posted about the sale, the price went up to $14.95. Now they're $19.95. Strange. They're cute, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. I thought about reversing the direction of the cans so they face up (uplights). I dunno, still debating. They remind me of the tension rod fixture that I have in the living room which is a Todd Oldham for Target item.

I suppose I should have given the Capricorn picture a separate post, but I'm being lazy. The picture was a Salvation Army find. Totally 1970's. I love the frame. The matting is fabric covered and sits on top of the glass. The effect is lovely. It's one I might try to replicate someday. I'm doing my bedroom right now and the picture is a primary element. It's sharing the room with my decoupaged drawer units. Don't worry, I was sure to give it a space away from the busy drawers.

More pictures of projects coming soon.

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