Monday, December 21, 2009

Upcoming Projects

These are all items that need to be refinished. I would love to replace the bedside table and bench, but I'm going to have to make do for now. With a little paint and some imagination, I think I can make them work. The lamp is a keeper because of its slim footprint and 150 watt capability. I like its shape too. Like the other items, it just needs a makeover.

I must have a bench at the end of my bed as a step for Buster. A sleek metal bench would be more to my liking. Actually, I have a gorgeous iron Maitland-Smith bench in storage, but it's huge and there's simply not enough room for it, anywhere.

The bedside table is one of a pair. I found them on clearance at Target years ago. They're really file storage with a drawer on top. I store my important papers in the file drawer, so if I replaced it I would have to find a place for displaced files. It might be easier to refinish the piece. It sits quite a bit lower than my bed, which I have on 4" risers. I think some new legs or a base is in order.

More to come...

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