Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Road Kill

I found this chair sitting at a dumpster last Friday. Its side profile caught my attention as I was driving past it,   and I have been consumed with refinishing it since I brought it home. Despite its obvious abuse and neglect, the chair is very solid.

It's not completely finished, but it's close enough for some pictures. I still have to glue decorative braiding around the top's padding so the staples will be hidden, and there are a few other details that need attention. The upholstery fabric came from my stash. It's a pretty safe choice, but it was economical and fitting of the chair's style. Mostly I shopped my stash because I had already shelled out $15 for new foam and another $15 for a wood repair kit. Although a yard of fabric will easily cover the upholstery, I couldn't justify spending yet another $20+ for a chair that I don't really need. All of these little random projects can quickly add up. Not to mention, they're time sucks. With that said, I'm very pleased with the outcome of this project. While the finish is far from perfect, it certainly is way better than where I started.

An identifying emblem and a paper production tag on the chair led me to the manufacturer, The Gunlocke Company. Now I'm wondering if this chair is also a Gunlocke. Wouldn't that be cool?

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