Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sew Serendipity

Crafter's Choice Book Club sent me an email offering two for $22 + free shipping. The last time they offered me this deal, it turned out to be a fiasco. I won't go into the details here. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I narrowed my choices to four books, one of those being Kay Whitt's Sew Serendipity. My craft book buying decisions are usually made more informed by researching Amazon for reviews. Sew Serendipity had only a few comments, but all were positive. Upon preview, I would have to concur with the Amazon reviewers.

Basically, the book bases the projects on three patterns: a skirt, dress, and jacket.  All of the patterns are included and can be found in an envelope at the back of the book. The patterns look simple enough. What really makes the clothing stand out is the use of fabric, pattern, and color. The samples in the book are beautiful and inspiring. Although many of the garments in the book are bright and colorful, there is certainly room for interpretation for the more neutrally inclined sewer.

Keep in mind that I have yet to create a project from the book, but it looks as though the directions are sufficiently detailed and illustrated. The drawn illustrations are every bit engaging as the photographs. The book includes a chapter on custom fitting. The models wearing the garments in the photographs are of all shapes and sizes. The clothing looks good on all of them.

I'm majorly impressed by this book, and I hope Kay Whitt is already working on a sequel.

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