Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Wood

First of all, please try to overlook the horrible (for so many reasons) pictures. Yes, thats my Bath and Bodyworks Sensual Body Lotion, and my flashlight/intruder skull smasher. All in the same picture. Nice. We won't even go into the dirt on the floor, or the rogue thread hanging from my (once again) unmade bed, or my month old pedicure. Golly, why is it that my blog gets no recognition??? Whew, glad I got that out of my system. On to the nitty gritty!

I found the slatted table at Goodwill. I made a round late yesterday and spotted the piece. Left, mulled over it, losing some sleep in the process, and returned for the kill this morning. Half price furniture at Goodwill today, yes-sir-ee. It's a low table at 13 1/2" high. Good for my bedside. I may paint it. It's heavy for its size, and sturdy. I can't help but wonder if it performed some other function in a past life. Like maybe it had a cushion on top and was used as a ottoman?

The stool is a Salvation Army find. I spotted it last week when I scored the table and chairs. It was still there for half-price Wednesday. A sign, I say.  It's heavy too, and measures just short of 16" high. I will definitely paint the stool in a bright and cheerful color.

Meanwhile, my house looks like a disaster. When will the insanity end?

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