Monday, April 19, 2010


The table is finished, at least for now. I'm going to use some Restore-a-Finish on the legs until I can muster up the motivation for another sanding project.  The bench is a WIP (work in progress), but I'm aiming for wrap by today or tomorrow. It took me hours to sand the top plank of the bench. The maker must have dipped the thing in polyurethane. Although I've been using an electrical sander, the coarsest sanding pad  I had on hand wouldn't do more than dull the finish. I broke out the sanding block and wore it out, and wore me out too.

I can only claim a small role in the seeding of my front yard. Yard Boy, aka Chuck, spent the better part of Saturday making it happen. I did chip in some raking and straw spreading labor, but I got off relatively easy on that project. The scraping of paint off my front porch made up for it though. I still have more scraping to do, but I'm taking a break from it today.


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