Monday, April 12, 2010

Dining Table Project

Forgive me for the poor pictures and lack of a before picture. It was dark when I decided to tackle this project last night

I'm working on a drop leaf table that belonged to my mother. The table is really banged up from use and multiple moves. While it's not exactly my style, it's sturdy. I didn't really care for the top's rounded edges and thought that sawing them off would make the table look much more Shaker-ish. I love the simplicity of Shaker design and that Shaker furniture looks great in a traditional or contemporary setting. So I broke out my circular saw last night and didn't look back. No regrets. I like the table so much more now. Of course it's still pretty much a mess, but nothing a little wood putty, sandpaper, and paint can't fix.

I've had the bench you see in the pictures for years. It fits perfectly along the side of the table. The chairs, not so much. I'll probably end up listing them on craigslist and finding another bench or more suitable chairs to place on the other side of the table. There's really not enough room at either end of the table to place chairs. Or I should say it looks very cramped to place chairs on the end. The blue cabinet will have to go as well. I kind of figured that would be the case and I have been trying to unload it on craigslist for a couple of week now. I finally got a bite today.

I am really excited to finally find a direction for this space and I think it will look awesome when the pieces are finished and all the clutter is out of the picture.

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