Thursday, March 18, 2010


Quite a few years ago I came across a flip chart of four life science educational posters in a local antique shop. It was more than reasonably priced, the artwork was stunning, and recognizing my good luck I wasted no time in purchasing the set of pictures. I separated the posters from their hanging frame and at times throughout the years have used them to decorate my walls. I made the oak hanging rails, as I knew framing the art in the manner it deserved would cost a small fortune. The posters are mounted on canvas in their manufacture, so they are actually very sturdy. The two pictured above were most recently in my bedroom before the redo. Thinking that I might sell them, I took (crappy) pictures before releasing them from the hangers. When they aren't hanging on a wall, they're stored under my mattress. They are quite large, and my unconventional storage system has served me well.

Some time ago I decide to see what I could find out about my posters and googled the information that was printed on the bottom of the charts. Eventually my search landed me here. In recent months I've seen several posts in various design blogs, such as a Black. White. Yellow. (a favorite), giving recognition to the beauty of life science posters. Oddly, I haven't seen the original source of many of these gorgeous educational charts, Hagemann, named. Hagemann's website isn't the easiest to navigate, and unfortunately the Hagemannstore is friendly only to the brave or those who speak German. I know there is at least one American source for a respectable selection of these posters, but to my knowledge there is no American source for the entire Hagemann catalog, and I would encourage you to examine the entire catalog if you want to see some spectacular works of art.

Edit: I may be wrong about the above linked source not offering the entire Hagemann catalog. After perusing the site, I am pleasantly surprised by the large selection of charts that are available. Given the quality of the posters, the price is very fair.

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