Friday, August 7, 2009

More Walmart Fabric Finds

All of the pictured fabric is from Walmart. The majority of it is home decor weight that could be used for bags. My comments don't necessarily follow the pictures. Mixed in the home dec stuff is a paisley cotton and a Missoni knit. Since I’m terrified of knits, the Missoni stuff will probably sit for a while.

My favorite piece might be the purple imitation suede with the words Texuede Nurture embossed on the wrong side. I found it hidden behind the fat upright bolts of upholstery fabric. A scant yard and a quarter, it had slipped out of view. My digging payed off. It is fabulously soft and brilliantly colored. The pictures don’t do it justice.

Again, difficult to capture with a camera (or perhaps my photography skills), there’s a copper, semi-metallic fabric in the mix. This material is fairly stiff, so it will be good for bags.

The brown, suede-ish fabric kind of feels like velveteen. It’s soft enough to go either way, apparel or accessory.

I couldn't pass up the embossed pleather. It's fun.

Then there’s the remnant of olive drab PVC destined to be a purse, and lastly, more of the yellow pleather. Since it lent itself well to the LaRue bag I’ve become rather partial to it.

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