Friday, August 14, 2009

Copy Bird

I spotted this adorable handbag on this blog . It's a really simple design, so I figured it wouldn't be difficult to copy. I think I've got a pretty good mock-up. The yellow sample you see in the pictures is a test. As you can see, I'm still working out the details. The biggest challenge has been dealing with the pleather. I'm having some issues with it sticking and pulling, so I've spent a lot of time searching the internet for solutions. So far, I've invested in a teflon presser foot and I'm testing a couple of other tips (see the cardboard surrounding the needle area of my machine). I would like to use a blanket stitch around the entire perimeter of the purse (with the exception of the opening), but initially I was having some sticking problems, so I put the gusset in with a straight stitch. I'll have to reinforce the head and tail areas so they don't flop. I'm still brainstorming on that.

No, I'm not fixated on yellow vinyl. This stuff was plentiful and inexpensive at Walmart so it seemed like the logical material to practice on. When I work out the kinks, I'll construct the purse in something closer in color to the original. I'll probably make need to make one more mock-up before I feel confident enough to cut into the good stuff.

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