Saturday, June 6, 2009

They're Multiplying Like Rabbits!

Not really. While I did get a new machine, I sold one as well. This is a Kenmore 19606. Sears discontinued this model and they can now be found for cheap on Ebay. These machines, new, were priced somewhere around $700 and I purchased this factory refurbished model for $239.

I sold a Bernina Active 220 as justification for the purchase. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the Bernina. If fact, I only had the machine for a few months. After reading about how great Berninas were, I had to see for myself. The Activa was a beauty. Sturdy and quiet, she really impressed me, but I knew I could get a machine with a lot more features and still have money left over if I sold her. To Ebay she went. She's going to a wonderful new home. Her new owner is a super talented crafter/quilter. I believe she's in good hands.

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