Saturday, June 13, 2009

Praying to the Empty Bobbin God

The patchwork project is kicking my ass. My house looks like a cyclone passed through it, yet I seem to be consumed by small triangular pieces of cotton. I'm playing a little game to keep me on the path to completion. I piece until the logical stopping point of running out of bobbin thread, and then I deem myself worthy of a break. In reality, I haven't been chained to my sewing machine. It only seems that way when I'm facing a million fabric triangles and a full bobbin.

I did manage to slip out yesterday in the evening for a little retail therapy. I hit up Tuesday Morning and Hobby Lobby. My intention was to visit a few other stores, but I always seem to lose steam fast when it comes to brick and mortar shopping. As usual, Tuesday Morning had all kinds of cool things to covet. I was on good behavior and purchased only a practical set of sewing and craft scissors.

These are pretty nice scissors. I have an identical pair of the 8 1/2" dressmaker shears that cost me more than the entire Tuesday Morning set and that I like very much.
I'm careless with my scissors, so I don't buy the expensive ones. There was another, different Mundial set at the store that had a neat pair of clippers, but I opted for the set with the 9 1/2" dressmaker shears. Frequently, nice crafting/sewing items can be found at Tuesday Morning (not to mention all the other cool stuff).

I went to Hobby Lobby looking for a specific item: Creative Paper Clay. A few days ago I joined Cloth and Clay Dolls. I learned of this workshop via a link in the blog of a super talented craftperson/quilt artist, Calamity Kim. I am way excited about doing this. Hobby Lobby sells the paper clay, which saved me a trip into Knoxville.

I also found this pretty remnant that I bought.

It's upholstery fabric, so it's good and heavy. I'm thinking it would make a nice purse, or pillows, or a sewing machine cover... Pictured with the remnant is a couple of yards of good muslin for cloth and clay doll projects. Lastly, I picked up a few of yards of light weight fusible interfacing.

All in all, it was a successful and satisfying excursion.

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