Sunday, January 24, 2010


I spotted this cute little number at Target online while I was searching for a bedside table. At $14.99, it has been reduced by 75%. Measuring nearly 26" in diameter, the table offers plenty of surface area for my intended purpose but lacks storage. The height is perfect too for my new low rider bed. Reluctantly, I decided to search on as the table wasn't available in stores and the shipping was rather expensive.

Having now used the tool box bedside table for several days, I have decided that it may not be the ideal solution. First of all, it measures only 12" deep which limits the available surface area for lamps, magazines, remote controls, etc.. More importantly, the drawers cannot be opened unless the top is open. This means that every time I want to retrieve and item from one of the drawers, I must clear everything off the top of the box to open it. Unaware that this is how top box tool chests operate, I now realize that this is not very practical.

My options were to return the tool chest for a deeper one (16") and learn to live with the drawer issues, or scrap the tool chest altogether and find something else.
In the meantime, I have been clicking daily on the link I saved to admire the sweet little dot matrix table. Ultimately, the shipping cost could not dissuade me. Totaled, the table will be way less expensive than the tool chest, and that's money saved for other projects.

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